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News for Davey Mac and company regarding Wednesday, April 4th!

  Hello, Friendies!!!  I wanted to give you a heads up!!  There will be no new Sports Report and Dave Poll on Wednesday, April 4, as I will be in attendance tonight at the Bruce Springsteen concert at the Izod Center in New Jersey!!  As a result, I plan to drink 22 beers and listen to a guy sing/bitch about the "working life" as if he were my uncle.  I can't fucking wait!!!!  Anyway, because of the impending intoxication, I will need to sleep in tomorrow and thus no Sports Report.

  However...fear not!!!  We WILL still be doing the Davey Mac Sports Program, LIVE on Ustream, at 7 PM (EST) as always on Wednesday!!!  No amount of hangover can prevent this red-headed retard from driving into Time Square in his shitty fucking car in order to layeth the smackdown on the worlds of sports and pop culture!!!  Pepper will not be at the show, as he is in hiding for crimes he most likely committed, but the Dave Man still has the brilliant keyboardist Roy Shaffer and Master Engineer Sean-O at his disposal!!

It'll be a fun, rockin'-sockin', suckin'-fuckin', poopin'-n-pukin' kind of show!!!  Plenty of music and dicks for ALL to TOUCH!  Ample amounts of butts for ALL to SEE!  Vast amounts of mushrooms for ALL to EAT!!!  So let's trip our faces off and shoot some shit!!!  See you guys Wednesday, LIVE, on Ustream, at 7 PM (EST)!!!