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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- March 30)

  We're a couple days away from April Fool's Day!  Do you have any pranks planned?

a.) I'm take a frying pan and a spoon and slam them together by my napping kitten's head.  Face!!!! (33%)

b.) I'm gonna sneak up on the deaf guy on our block from behind and pour a bucket of piss his head.  Sucker!!!!! (33%)

c.) I'm gonna shit in a bag and then light it on fire, and then place said bag on my boss' front porch, then I'll ring his doorbell, and when he comes out to stomp on the bag filled with shit, I'll run up and punch him in the face and pour the shit on his head, and light his house on fire!  APRIL FOOL'S!!!!!! (34%)