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Davey Mac gonna lick it HARD on Ustream tonight! LIVE at 7 PM (EST)!

  Fuck yeah!!  You got all the information that you need in that mother-fucking Pulitzer Prize-winning headline!!  We do's it LIVE on Ustream TONIGHT at 7 (EST)!!!  What we gonna do, homies?

* We gonna lick it!!

* We gonna stick it!!!

* We gonna pick it!!!

* We gonna trick it!!  And flick it!!  And kick it!!  And DICK IT!!!!!

Join the Dave Man, Pepper, Roy Shaffer, and Sean O tonight!! LIVE at 7 (EST)!!  GO here or here for the fucking show, dawg!!!  And make sure you're subscribing to the Davey Mac Sports Program on iTunes!!  I gotta piss!!!