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Davey Mac and YOU- TONIGHT on Ustream! Let's grease each other up!

  You got that right, Friend-O!!  The Davey Mac Sports Program had to be pushed back to today, Thursday, and so will be LIVE at 7 PM (EST) on Ustream TONIGHT!!  Just go to the Ustream section of this site to watch!!  And make sure you're watching without your pants on!!  It will be more enjoyable for everyone!!!  Hey!!  Where are you going?!?!  I'm just sayin'.  I won't be wearing pants, neither will Roy, and Pepper will be thonging it!!  It would only be fair if you, too, were not wearing pants!!  Whether or not you are going to be shirtless and slowly putting butter on your chest is entirely up to you!  See you at 7!!  Peace!!!