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Ustream & Davey Mac - THURSDAY at 7 PM (EST)! Touchies! LIVE!

  Yeah, dawg!!  The Number One Independent Sports Show on the Internet, the Davey Mac Sports Program, is live THURSDAY on Ustream at 7 PM (EST), rather than our usual day of Wednesday! Just go to The East Side Dave Happy Times Channel on Ustream!!  Or go to the Ustream section on THIS SITE!!  On Thursday's episode Davey Mac shall discuss his new hobby of photographing animal butts, Pepper will kidnap a C-List celebrity, Roy blows up Sean O's car, Sean O shoots Roy in the leg, Dave films the whole thing for a new documentary- "We Drink Too Much", Sean O becomes a retarded person, Pepper makes a little train set made of chocolate, Dave makes a little race track made of poo, our relatives plan to light our studio on fire and burn us alive, Roy wrestles Bob Costas and calls him "a pussy", children get things thrown at their faces, Sean O forgets to push the numbers in The Hatch, Dave and Balki get snowed into a cabin because of a frightening avalanche, Pepper gets stuck in a freezer with Mr. Furley and needs Felipe to rescue him, and the planet Earth explodes.  See you, THURSDAY!!!