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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- March 16)

  Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day!  What are YOU gonna do?!

a.) I'm gonna get so drunk that I'm gonna actually piss vomit out of my dick-hole, and then get into Medical Journals throughout the world as the first person who puked out of his penis!!! (32%)

b.) I'm gonna get so fucked up that I'm gonna shit out of my pussy!!  And then...well...same as the guy above, what with the Medical Journals and whatnot!! (14%)

c.) I'm gonna drink so much that I'm gonna light my house on fire and blame it on my ex who I will claim is stalking me...but actually...I'm stalking HER!!!  Hahahahaha!!! (30%)

  d.) I'm gonna fuck a bunch of small animals and then find the nearest elderly couple and push their faces in mud before shoving knives up my ass!

...But I shall be doing it sober.  I don't drink. (24%)