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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- March 9)

  I just saw "Hugo" and I must say- how the fuck did this movie not win Best Picture?

  a.) The Academy is a bunch of assholes. (20%)

b.) The Academy thinks Martin Scorcese looks like a little, old monkey...and they don't give Oscars to animals. (18%)

c.) Fuck the Oscars!!  I'm still pissed that "Field Of Dreams" didn't win!!!  Ghosts and baseball!!!  What more do you need in a fucking movie?!?! (22%)

d.) Fuck "Field Of Dreams"!!!  I'm still pissed that fucking "Jaws" didn't win!!!  Hey Academy...go fuck yourself!!!!! (29%)

e.) I could concentrate on this poll question more if I could only stop farting! (11%)