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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- March 8)

  I think I'm gonna see "Hugo" today.  Is this a good idea?

a.) Hell yes!!  It's a Scorcese flick, dawg!!! (30%)

b.) It's a fucking kids' movie, David!!  Boooooo!! (2%)

c.) You should go to the doctor and have your stomach looked at instead.  Ever since your truTV appearance, you've been farting up a storm, Dave Man!!  Life imitating art?!  Shit yes!!!  Ewwwww!!! (11%)

d.) Instead of giving your cash to the film, donate the dough to a charity, Dave.  Here's one that looks good: The Doug Skittles & Beer Fund.  It appears to be an organization aimed at getting enough money to buy someone named Doug some Skittles and beer.  A worthy cause, me-thinks!!! (28%)

e.) Go fuck yourself instead, Diddy Mac. (1%)

f.) Why don't you draw a really big picture of an apple...and then try to eat said drawing.  I'm really high right now. (28%)