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We will light Satellite Radio ON FIRE on Saturday!! 7 PM (EST) is when the shit goes down!

  You heard what I said.  Tell the authorities if you must.  But the Davey Mac Sports Program XL (featuring Dave, Pepper and friends) is going to take Sirius XM Satellite Radio and burn it straight to the ground out of pure, highly-flammable awesomeness.  This is not a threat.  It is a promise.  The mere magic of the show will cause a Sirius XM combustion so explosive that it'll make those Branch Davidian pussies and their shitty little compound in Waco look like wife-swapping, fucking amateurs.  Don't worry.  We will make sure to evacuate Cousin Brucie and his record collection before the building goes up in flames due to kick-ass-ed-ness.  So tune in on Saturday to the Opie & Anthony Channel (Sirius 206, XM 105) at 7 PM (EST) for the Show That Is So Great It Annihilates Shit!  Topics and guests will include:

* Doctor J- he does NOT  have a medical license and four other un-fun facts you already knew!

* Sitting on fish without your pants on! "Slippery" Don Turkle is in studio to demonstrate!

* Professor Arturo Wang reads passages from his new book, "Finger-Fucking The Vampire!"

* Beehives- the surprising reasons why shouldn't put one on your dad's crotch while he is napping

* And Jimmy Jipples talks about his new self-help DVD- "Farting In The Bathtub!"


See you Saturday for the Davey Mac Sports Program XL!!!  Peace!!