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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- March 2)

  It's the weekend!  Do you think everybody is really working for it?

  a.) Shit yes!!!  I just stuffed two bowls of popcorn into my dick-hole now that Friday is here!!!  Yeeeeeeooooowww!!!!! (21%)

b.) I work on the weekend, so NO!!!  I don't fucking work for it!!  I work for Tuesday afternoon!!!  And then you know what happens--- popcorn straight up my mother-fucking dick-hole!!! (24%)

c.) I'm unemployed.  So you know what that means- seven glorious days of popcorn in the dick-hole!!! (27%)

d.) I work every day of the week, so I never get time off!!!  Ugh!!!  Luckily, I work at Pete's Popcorn & Dick-Hole Factory so I can get all the popcorn and dick-holes I want!!!  Hahahahahahaa!!!! (28%)