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Davey Mac to make his television acting debut TONIGHT (Thursday) at 9 (EST) on truTV! Bam!!

  That's right.  Sir Dame Dave McDonald will be giving the performance of a lifetime in one of the segments on the show "World's Dumbest", TONIGHT, on truTV at 9 PM (EST).

No offense to Misters Pacino, Nicholson, and De Niro respectively, but there is a New Dawg in the Actor's Pantheon.  And that dawg's name be East Side Davey Mac McDonald.  And after his acting debut on television tonight, this extraordinary thespian called "The Dave Man" will accept your apologies, pussies.

Hey Bobby Duvall- suck it.  Mr. Oldman?  Go fuck yourself.  Hey, why so glum, Ed Harris?  Oh, I know why- because Dr. Dave, Acting PHD, just fucked you in the ass, THAT'S why.

Don't be so sad, Kevin Spacey, your career was coming to an end anyway.  It's not like they're gonna make K-Pax 2.  However if they DO decide to make K-Pax 2, all they need to do is cast David McDonald in the lead; and then watch the critical acclaim and box office dollars flow like the jizzum of Peter North.

Hey Johnny Depp, go tell Tim Burton you can't work for him anymore- you're through, pal!!  After Dave's performance on truTV tonight at 9 (EST), all "wacky" roles are to be sent to the Dave Man.  Maybe see if you can get back into John Waters' good graces, Depp (the Dave Man don't do cult movies).

Dear Sean Penn, you better think of living in Haiti permanently, fella, because Hollywood is now Davey Mac Land.

So watch the Birth Of A Legend, David McDonald, Actor, tonight on "World's Dumbest" on truTV at 9 (EST).  And for the last time, Hanks, stop crying about being overtaken by the Dave Man or Dave'll REALLY give you something to cry about, jerk!!!