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We Shall Take The World Of Satellite Radio By The Dick And Swing It To Hell On Saturday!

  Yeah, mother-fucker!  The Davey Mac Sports Program XL is gonna take Sirius XM Satellite Radio this Saturday and put its head in a vice and squeeze the shit out of it until its fucking eye balls pop out!!!  Listen to Davey Mac and Pepper rock the shit out of sports, pop culture, and bestiality in a show so good that it has compelled one of the suits at Sirius to actually call it "brilliant."  Does that mean an increase in pay or more shifts?  Of course not!!  But it does make us kill it so hard each and every week that ten to sixteen people are left in critical condition when we are done!!  We're gonna take some ice picks and shove 'em right in the balls of Satellite Radio so make sure you tune in Saturday to the Davey Mac Sports Program XL on the Opie & Anthony Channel (Sirius 206, XM 105) at 7 PM (EST)!!!  Topics shall include:

* Legendary announcer Brent Musburger and his long-time rival Kent MusHotdog

* Fozzie Bear- the sordid details of his hibernation relapse and prostitution charges

* Special Correspondent Dick Softee explains why you and your friend shouldn't staple your penises together

* LinSANITY- is it as good as Brian ScalaCRAZY???

* Touching strangers on the bus- we'll show you how much fun it can be!

* Best-selling author Morris Franklin discusses his new book- "Which One Of You Assholes Fucked My Mom?"

* Best-selling author Jim Herpil talks about his new novel- "I Just Fucked Morris' Mom"

* Pete Rose- the All-Time Shit King?  Johnny Bench says Rose pooped 9 times a day!!

* Best-selling author Steve Clappy speaks about his new poetry collection: "Me & Jim Herpil Just Fingercuffed Morris' Mom and 87 Other Poems About That Middle-Aged Whore And Her Nerd-Pussy Son"


See ya guys on Saturday on Sirius XM for the Davey Mac Sports Program XL!!!!