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Poll-verizing! (Dave Poll of the Day- Feb. 16)

  I'm still not sleeping well and still have the diarrhea.  Do I have food poisoning?

a.) Either that...or ass poisoning!!  Hahahaha! (12%)

b.) My diagnosis is that it's no so much stomach nausea as it is ass nausea!!  Hahaha!!  Bam!  Got ya, Davey!! (18%)

c.) Here's what you should do, David, get some rest and drink some ginger ASS!!   Hahaha!!!  Get it?!?!  Instead of ginger ALE!!  Ha!  I fucking nailed you with THAT one, David!!! (31%)

  d.) Seriousy, though get some Pepto Bismol and take it easy...or rather...

...take it ASSY!!!!!   Hahahahaha!!!  We got you, Dave Man!!!  We got you real good-like!!  Yeeehhhaaaww!!!! (39%)