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The East Side Dave Show Christmas Spectacular Is Now Available On Compound Media!

You have been warned. The holiday special to end all holiday specials has arrived… the East Side Dave Show Christmas Spectacular is NOW available on! Witness pure, unbridled insanity as the #ESDS takes a psychedelic journey into the very Heart Of Christmas. It is an instant classic episode that you must experience right now! Only on! And Merry HISS-mas one and all!

A New Episode Of The East Side Dave And Son Wrestling Show Is Here!

Who’s ready for some TLC action?! Davey Mac & Stanley Mac are, dogsie! And their timing is perfect because The East Side Dave And Son Wrestling Show is here with their TLC (Table, Ladders & Chairs) 2018 Preview episode! BAM! Tune in as Dave & Stan give their TLC predictions, make a financial wager, discuss Yodels, create a story-line for Renee Young, and talk some serious smack! Check out The East Side Dave And Son Wrestling Show in the Wrestling Show section on this site right now! And have a great TLC night, baby! BOOM!

A New, Insane, EAST SIDE DAVE SHOW Is Here!

Warning: this latest episode of the East Side Dave Show is packed with non-stop action, controversy, horror, and awesomeness! With special guests Geno Bisconte and Bill Schulz, plus appearances by Little Davey and Shock Jock Robot, it is an insane edition of the #ESDS that you must see! Right NOW! On! You have been warned!

Father David Hereby Challenges Gillberg!

Father David is officially issuing a challenge to his long-time nemesis, WWE Superstar Gillberg, at the IWF Loud & Proud wrestling event, on April 13th 2019 (get your tickets with THIS LINK)!! Gillberg, say your confession NOW, daddy!! Because Father David is gonna send your sinful ass straight to Hell!!