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East Side Dave IS...The Last Jedi!

Hey, dogsie!  East Side Dave (aka "The Last Jedi") here!  Saying to you: Have a great day and hopefully the Sith doesn't hit the fan!  Hahahaha!  That joke was about as LIT as one of my lightsabers!!  Hahahaha!  Someone turn on the lights because it's too Dark Side in here!  Hahahaha!  This Wookie Pizza is a little too......Chewie!  Hahahaha!  What does a droid say when he has to go to the bathroom?  "I have to PP-O!"  Hahahaha!  Hey!  I'll be at Jabba's Comedy Hut all weekend long!  No cover for lady Jawas!  May the Jokes be with you!

- Master Dave, Comedy Jedi