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Attention: This Week's EAST SIDE DAVE SHOW Will Be On THURSDAY!

It's true!  The glorious evilness which is the EAST SIDE DAVE SHOW (aka The Best Program In The World) is off on Tuesday (March 14th) due to this Superstorm Slut named Stella!  But we will will be going live this week...on THURSDAY (March 16th) at 7 PM (EST)!!  And if we may, we'd like to pat ourselves on the back slightly when we tell you in full honesty that we were ready to get into Compound Media and crush the airwaves!  Unfortunately, every bus service that we could take into New York City has had their service canceled today!  So we're left out in the cold.....LITERALLY!!  Hahahahaha!!!  Oh, man!!  I bet you couldn't tell, but since the show has been postponed, I've been dipping seriously into my pot candies AND my THC eye-dropper, and let me tell you, I am in the clouds right now, daddy!!  Wooooo-hoooooo!!  I think I'm gonna take off my socks and put them on my ears!!  Hahaha!!  U-S-A!!  Maybe I'll throw hot tea on my mom when she's napping!!  Hahahahaha!!  U-S-A!!  I think I'll saw my dad's wooden leg off!!  Hahahahaha!!  U-S-A!!  U-S-A!!  See you on Thursday!!

- Dave