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An East Side Dave Farewell To Mike Francesa...

Mike Francesa has sipped his final Diet Coke on WFAN 660 AM...New York City's iconic radio station that is recognized as the first, 24/7, sports-talk station in America.  Since 1989 (when he was partnered with Chris "Mad Dog" Russo), Francesa has thrown his weight around as a New York Sports Personality and Man Of Influence........and a LOT of weight it was!!  Good Lord, what did that guy eat?!  I heard when Mike Francesa would perspire, he would sweat Breyer's Ice Cream!  In fact, Mike would sometimes ask his producer to get him a snack...which would be a seven-course meal!  At one point Mike got so big...that WFAN was gonna change their letters to WFAT!!  All jokes aside, Francesa contributed a lot...and he's got the diabetes to prove it!!  Just kidding!!  You'll be missed, Mike!

- "East Side" Dave McDonald