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Howdy, Neighbor!

Hi, Neighbor!  It's your friendly friend, Mr. David, here!  It's such a nice day in our Neighborhood!  It probably is the perfect time to let your friend Mr. David borrow $400!  Mr. David wants to visit Atlantic City this weekend!  Mr. David is hoping to get a little luck at the blackjack tables!  Also, can Mr. David use your car?  How ELSE is Mr. David gonna get down to A.C. if he doesn't drive your vehicle?!  Lastly, Mr. David might be staying on your couch for the next few weeks...depending on how he did at blackjack!  It's not a big deal, already!  Don't be alarmed!  Just remember that if you hear someone stumbling into your place at three in the's Mr. David looking to sleep one off!  Have a great day, Neighbor! 

- Mr. David