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A Night Of Champions!

My God, did we have a good time last night.  Comedian extraordinaire and host of the New York City Crime Report, Pat Dixon, threw a party in my honor last night*.  After Mr. Dixon and his lovely wife, the talented Mandy Stadtmiller, learned that I had been verified on Twitter, they decided to congratulate me with quite the soiree.**  I'd like to thank all those who came to pay homage to the Dave Man***'re all aces!!!!

- East Side Dave, Champion of Champions****



* The party was not thrown in Dave's honor.

** No, they didn't.

*** They were there for Mr. Dixon and Chef Ryan Smith.

**** No, he isn't.

Verified Stars: Anthony Cumia, Dave McDonald, Geno Bisconte...well...two outta three ain't bad...please get verified, we can shorten the caption of this photo...gracias.