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May The Force Be With Us.

We are not going to lie to you.  We do a morning radio show (where we dominate the competition) weekdays on WRAT, 95.9 FM at SIX AM (EST).  As a result, we wake up at 4 AM to get into work.  Meanwhile, the new trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story debuted last night at around 11 PM.  What does all of this gratuitous-and-random-listing-of-times mean?  Well, because we were so psyched up with Adrenalin due to the Rogue One trailer's undeniable awesomeness, we are on ZERO hours/minutes/seconds of sleep.  And you know what?  We do not care, daddy.  We shall dominate the Galaxy today...and this entire weekend...with epic fantasticness.  And, yes, we realize we're talking about ourselves in the third be it.  Have a nice day.

- East Side Dave