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Twitter = A Hub For Censorship And Dismissal?

Some of you may or may not know that I have been battling Twitter for the past two years or so...trying to get verified.  I have noticed scores of unknown people in the "media" with a fraction of the followers that I have who have that dumb, little, blue checkmark next to their insignificant names.  There seem to be a multitude of bloggers, chefs, umbrella salesmen, puppets, dragons, Ewoks, prostitutes, dinosaurs, droids, and more who have been mysteriously verified.  And yet, despite me being on FM and Satellite radio for the past thirteen years (currently on WRAT 95.9 FM), hosting my own visual show for Compound Media, having made multiple appearances on television programs, AND filling out several verification application forms, I continue to get rejected and not given my due.  This amounts to nothing less than Stalinesque treatment from Twitter.  And the Dave Man shall not take this sitting down.  On Tuesday's East Side Dave Show, we explore the corruption that clearly exists within Twitter...even if it is at my own peril.  Thank you, ladies and germs.

- East Side Dave McDonald