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Comedy 101.......More Like Awesomeness 202!

It was magic-personified last night in New York City's The friends, enemies, and homies were brought together in one action-packed night of glory and chaos.  The room was dark...yet lit with the electricity of Ron and Gail Bennington, Anthony Cumia, Pat Dixon, and "East Side" Dave McDonald...all of whom were gathered as one for the excellent show...Comedy 101.  Thank you to the Benningtons for putting on such a great show; and another thank you to all of those who attended (the audience was absolutely phenomenal).  And if you weren't there, you missed history being made on the level of the Moon Landing, the Americans beating the Russians in the '80 Winter Olympics, and the return of Full House to TV's everywhere.  PS - I'm really high as I write this.  

- Dave