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Check Out "East Side" Dave On The Anthony Cumia Show!

Oh, golly, we had a smackin' good time!  We talked about so much stuff that I can barely remember what we discussed!  But maybe that's because I gave myself a concussion recently.  Or perhaps it's the Ether rags.  Or maybe someone erased my memory, the way that space-hole Uncle Owen wanted Luke Skywalker to have R2-D2's droid-brain reset.  Hey, Uncle Owen, no offense, but I'm glad the Stormtroopers fried you.  Check out the August 13th Davey Mac episode of The Anthony Cumia Show (click that link, dogsie)!  Peace!

- "East Side" Dave

 Handsome Gentlemen: Sean O, "East Side" Dave, Anthony, Roy Shaffer

                           Dave & Anthony: Two Unstable People?

      Anthony, David & A Model....sounds like a Steve Guttenberg movie