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Davey Mac: King Of Audio Blissfulness

It's all kinds of "East Side" Dave radio goodness as Carl & Dave crush the mornings at 6 AM (EST) on New Jersey's legendary 95.9 The RAT!  Then, we want you to subscribe and download the Davey Mac Sports Program!  A new episode is NOW up in the DMSP Player section on this site and iTunes!  Also, listen to a new episode of our monthly, movie show...The Watchers!  NOW available in The Watchers section on this site!  Subscribe on iTunes!  Lastly, the Dave Man gets ready to dominate with Anthony Cumia on The Anthony Cumia Show this afternoon at 4 PM (EST)!  Check it out on!  So much "East Side" Dave equals so much awesomeness!  It's like they've cloned Dave......and if they have cloned Dave....send one of the clones to clean our garage.....thank you!

- "East Side" Dave Clone Number 148