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"True Detective" Is Getting Weird.......And David Likey!

Did you see "True Detective" last night?  Any show that starts out with an Elvis impersonator and a lifeless body on the floor is FINE by me, daddy.  Hell, I'm not even 100% sure what is going on...and I don't mind!  All I know is, just like Season One, this is the best acting by virtually every cast member of their careers...and, yes, that includes Taylor Kitsch coming off his brilliant performance in the acclaimed film John Carter.  The Dave Man might be confused as to the overall plot-line, but then again, sunsets and shoe-laces confuse the Dave Man as well.  Anyway, good job "True Detective".  Let's dominate with "East Side" Dave this week on Jersey's legendary WRAT, 95.9 The RATCarl & Dave (and Gotts) rock it like Vince Vaughn.  Weekdays at 6 AM (EST).  Have a good one!

- East Side Dave