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Sleep? SLEEP, You Say! HA, I Say!

Yesterday was RatFest 2015 (presented by WRAT, 95.9 FM), starring the Smashing Pumpkins and Marilyn Manson...and it rocked the teeth out of a shark, daddy.  In fact, your radio superhero, Sir "East Side" Dave McDonald (or to those in the comic book world: The Dave Man), received ZERO sleep.  That's correct.  But fear not.  For superheroes ALWAYS answer the call.  We head to 7-11 at 4:35 in the morning and get the largest vat of Coca-Cola Slurpee that can probably satisfy a Hutt, and we drink that baby down in fifteen seconds.  Then, we hit an industrial bag of Sour Patch Kids and- BOOM - we're ready to rock.  See you today on 95.9 The RAT with Carl & Dave

- The Dave Man