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See You In A Week, Dogsie-Pals!

The Dave Man is outta here!  Today begins Davey Mac's California Adventure where we are headed to Los Angeles for the Disneyland 60th Anniversary, an expedition to Universal Studios, a visit to my birthplace of Newport Beach, and more!  It also means that I intend on riding Star Tours (the official Star Wars ride) so many times that I expect to gain enough Force-lightning in my fingers to electrocute a whale.  Not that I would.  I like whales.  If you haven't already, check out new episodes of the Davey Mac Sports Program in the DMSP Player section and The Watchers in The Watchers section on this site respectively!  Programming Alert: The Davey Mac Sports Program returns on July 29th; The Watchers' next show is in August!  And Dave is back on the Morning Rat Race with Carl & Dave (and Gotts) on July 27th on Jersey's legendary WRAT, 95.9 The RAT at 6 AM (EST)!  Later, homies!

- East Side Dave