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New Episodes Of The Davey Mac Sports Program AND The Watchers Are NOW Up!

Oh, heck yeah!  This week's amazing, triumphant episode of the Davey Mac Sports Program is NOW available in the DMSP Player section on this site!  Keep in mind, we are off next week (Davey Mac's California Adventure takes place the week of Wednesday the 22nd), so this'll be the last episode until Wednesday the 29th!  And it's an EPIC episode!  All Star Game!  Madness!  Drugs!  Snowballs!  And MORE!  Check out the Davey Mac Sports Program...NOW up in the DMSP Player section on this site!  And subscribe on iTunes!

And when you're done with that, enjoy our awesome, monthly, movie show...The Watchers!  NOW ready to be consumed by YOU in The Watchers section on this site!  The guys discuss Star Wars, Comic-Con, Batman, lunacy, problems, popcorn and MORE!  Listen to the craziness NOW in The Watchers section on this site!  And subscribe on iTunes!  It's........The Watchers!