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Oh, For The Love Of Yoda! Watch this STAR WARS: The Force Awakens Featurette!

Well, my silly life could not possibly get any better.  I woke up today to find that Comic Con released a new Star Wars: The Force Awakens featurette.  And guess what?  I started crying.  Yep.  I was sobbing as if someone detonated my red bicycle that I got for Christmas in 1987 into a million pieces a la the Death Star.  Except those would have been painful tears.  These were tears of sheer joy, daddy.  I've since watched it eight times; and with each viewing I hug my Tauntaun doll harder and harder.  If I'm not careful, i may suffocate this poor creature.  Then again, he's not alive.  He's just a stuffed animal.  Check this out NOW!

- Davey-Wan Kenobi