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This Week's Davey Mac Sports Program WILL Go On! I Love The Smell Of DMSP In The Morning!

If you didn't know (and you should, dogsie-pal) the award-winning* Davey Mac Sports Program is moving from SkinnyMan Studios 1.0 to SkinnyMan Studios 2.0.  This will take between a month to two months.  At first we were gonna simply take these two months off.  But you know what?  We love you...the #DMSP community.  Seriously, we love the piss out of you.  So here's the plan.  Chris "Pepper" Stanley will record on his end from an undisclosed location in Southeast Asia; and the Dave Man will call in; also expect Roy Shaffer, Sean O (who is on vacation this week), and perhaps other surprise guests like Mike Tyson, the guy who plays Paul Blart, and Martin Scorcese (OK, fine, those last three guests were lies.  Pure lies).  Regardless, the shows are gonna be historic, insane, and as for the Dave Man, I shall be calling into Pepper's mysterious studio from the Smoke Zone (which means insanity could ensue).  Yes, Friend-O's, we shall rock the sports and pop culture world in such glorious style that we will win 10,000 points and six fireballs.  Take THAT, Bowser!  The program will be uploaded Thursday night/Friday morning!  We are scheduled for vacation the week of Monday, July 20th, so no #DMSP that week.  Outside of that, we're gonna CRUSH this summer.  Thanks for the support and subscribe on iTunes and/or listen here in the DMSP Player section.  So tune in to my social media and this site for when the show is up!  God Bless America!

* BEST in SHOW - iTunes Editorial Team

- East Side Dave