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A Sports GOAT Is A BAD Thing!

Listen, I know we live in the 21st century and all...and we abbreviate the piss out of things.  But I've seen this horrible trend on ESPN and other supposed "sources for sports" where they are using the word "GOAT" to describe someone who is great at their particular sport.  Look at what Kobe Bryant tweeted:

Just stop it already.  When I see something on "SportsCenter" that says LEBRON IS THE GOAT, I immediately think he blew a lay-up or something at the end of the game which caused the Cavs to LOSE.  Now, apparently, it means something GOOD.  Listen, we can't just turn around and start changing the rules!!!  "GOAT" is BAD when it comes to sports!! 

...Thanks for letting me rant, next week I'll be taking on the topics of "Why Kids Make Too Much Noise" and "I Don't Understand How DVR's Work".  Good day.

- Dave