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East Side Dave On David Letterman! The Glory! The Fame! The Memories! Bye, Dave!

The year was 2009.  And "The Late Show with David Letterman" unexpectedly had Paul McCartney playing on the Ed Sullivan Theater marquee.  We quickly ran over there like it was the damned, surprise, Beatles-rooftop-concert of '69.  Amazing.  Later that night, I watched the show and low and behold, I made an appearance (technically my second) on "Letterman".

Do you see me?  I had the beard then.  Are you looking carefully?  Want some help?

There.  I circled it for you.  That's me.  I'm wearing the blue, Team Zissou shirt....hands up in the air...rockin' away (Paul was playing "Helter Skelter" during this shot).  The next day, Time magazine, Rolling Stone, and Entertainment Weekly called my appearance "The greatest 2.3 seconds in television history."  And as an aside, I'm lying about that last part.

Farewell, Dave!  You da man!

- Davey Mac