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The Adult-McDonald-Children Easter Egg Hunt Is.........Today.

While the other horses in today's race (The 40th Annual McDonald Children Easter Egg Hunt) may be slightly long in the tooth, I myself am in my prime, dogsie.  And I have put in the training.  Some people have expressed, "Davey Mac, you seem to have lost weight."  It's because of the Egg Hunt, baby.  I've been running on beaches, drinking raw eggs, bench-pressing Hobbits, curling Ewoks, punting Leprechauns.......doing EVERYthing in my power to be in perfect, physical condition for today.  My many years of finishing in last place is over.  This is my John Elway moment, daddy.  This is the Dave Man's time to hurdle years of disappointment in order to raise that Golden Egg at the end.  Champion.  Bring it on.  Have a nice day, dogsie.

- East Side Dave