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C.C. Stands For Cap'n Crunch.

C.C. Sabathia has been decent for the Yankees this year.  In a loss to the heavy-hitting Tigers recently, for example, he pitched eight, complete innings and gave up just two runs (though he received the loss because the Yanks can't hit for beans).  But yesterday against the Mets, he got shlacked.  Come on, mang.  After winning Game 1 of the regular-season Subway Series, the Yankees' mojo was flying, and C.C. took a large Cap'n Crunch poop in our mouths, losing badly to the Metropolitans.  Not good.  Tonight will be the rubber match betwixt the two teams.  AND, Game Of Thrones will be on.  This puts the Dave Man in an impossible spot, as I need to watch both........I have an idea......I'll simply clone myself.  Does anyone one out there have a cloning machine?  If so, DM me on Twitter (@EastSideDave).  Gracias.  Later!!

- East Side Dave