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This Week's Davey Mac Sports Program Will Be On THURSDAY, Dogsie!

Yessir!  Usually, we do the Davey Mac Sports Program on Wednesday's (around 6:30 PM EST), however this week we shall record on THURSDAY (around 6:30 PM EST)!!  To watch the broadcast as it happens, tune in to the LIVE Show section of this site!!  And after the DMSP is recorded, listen to it as it is posted later that evening (next morning at the latest) in the DMSP Player section!!  Next week - we return to Wednesday's!!  You got all that, dogsie?!  Shoot, that's so much info, I feel like I'm gonna poo!!  Gotta run!!  See you tomorry!!  And tune to WRAT, 95.9 The Rat if you're in the NJ/NY/PA area for Carl & Dave (and Gotts) in the AM!!  Peace, baby-head!!

- Davey Mac