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Happy Star Wars Celebration Weekend!

Yessir!!  Currently, the annual Star Wars Celebration is going on in California, and DAMN, Jedi's, I wish to Lord Vader that I was there!!  Next year, I says!!  Next Wookie-Damned year!!  But great coverage is being done by our buddies at RebelForce Radio and the G-Baby, Germain Lussier!!  Check out their updates!!  As for me, I'm gonna lock myself in the Smoke Zone for the entire day with the garage door open and feverishly if not psychedelically watch Episodes III through VI today.  If you see a crazy-eyed, sleep-deprived, unstable, red-headed person wielding around a 30-ounce Easton baseball bat, fear's simply the Dave Man sadly pretending that he's Luke Skywalker.....keeping his Jedi skill-set sharp.  And if you're in the mood for some Davey Mac Star Wars coverage, listen or watch the March 5th episode of The Watchers with Jimmy Mac (of RebelForceRadio) (click on that orange link for the audio episode or YouTube show).  Enjoy your weekend, dogsie!!  May the bleeping Force be with you!!!

- East Side Dave