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An East Side Dave Look Back At A Cinema Masterpiece...

...The year was 1991.  And a film, based in the beautiful Garden State, would emerge as a lasting depiction of the New Jersey Turnpike, Digital Underground, and weird, fat twins.  The movie...was Nothing But Trouble.  I remember HBO running this flick what seemed to be every other day for a while; and the Dave Man watched it each and every time.  I began to realize, as a blossoming young teenager, that that Demi Moore person was making my boy parts tingle.  Then there is Dan Aykroyd in horrible make-up as "The Judge", the second most evil character in movie history behind the Emperor.  Chevy Chase and John Candy were also in the film.  But a big shout-out to Digital Underground (Yes, the rap group that gave us the poetic, musical classic, "The Humpty Dance").  God bless you, Nothing But Trouble, you made my home-state of New Jersey look like the scariest and utterly freakiest place on the face of the planet Earth.  This has been a cinema

- East Side Dave