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Comedy Central Fails With This Trevor Noah Character.

I guess that Comedy Central chose the successor to Jon Stewart as host of 'The Daily Show'.  His name is Trevor Noah.  And it took the Internet exactly 3.8 seconds to find out that this lunatic from South Africa made all kinds of anti-Semitic and anti-woman and sometimes anti-Semitic-woman remarks on Twitter.  Looks like this guy is done before he even got started.  Which is why I'll submit my name, "East Side" Dave McDonald, to be the new host of 'The Daily Show'.  You're welcome for bailing you out, Comedy Central.  But keep in mind, I want to keep my excellent gig on the morning show on Jersey's legendary rock station, WRAT 95.9 The RAT.  Also, I don't want to talk politics.  Yeah, I know, that seems to be an odd thing for the new host of 'The Daily Show' to say.  But political talk is OUT with the Dave Man.....and Game Of Thrones talk is IN.  You're welcome, Comedy Central.

- Davey Mac