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JFK - Limited Edition

I just opened my giant, special edition, Blu Ray version of the film JFK.  In this box of 1960's treasures, includes a JFK for President poster, copies of family photographs and letters, and a book called "Quotations Of John F. Kennedy".  I opened it up and, after being struck by several passages, I shallowly decided to do what a person in 2015 would do upon reading such thoughtful literature......I took a disgusting selfie of myself reading said book.  However, in my attempt to appear intelligent, I probably should have chosen a better background.....and not one that included Doctor Teeth from the Muppets, my Star Wars lunchbox, and a framed picture of the cast of "Beverly Hills 90210".  Alas, this shall be a meaningful and thought-provoking quote from David D. McDonald:

When thy takes a selfie, try not to look so stupid.

- This has been correspondence from East Side Dave.