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Good Morning! Let's Try To Have A Great Sunday!

I'll admit it...that Notre Dame loss to Kentucky (68 to 66), gave me nightmares last night.  I dreamed of leprechauns getting eaten alive by wildcats while screeching bloodily, "Save us, O'Davey Mac!!  The cats be O'bitin' us!!"  But alas, no help was to be found for those poor, tiny, Irish bastards.  At least I was able to collect a couple of gold coins they left behind before they were consumed.

In any event, as I always say, today's a NEW day!  Turn the page!  Hang in there!  And.....wait....nope...I'm just flipping through a Hallmark calendar.  I don't say those things at all.

The point it, let's enjoy this Sunday, dogsie.  I have my Darth Vader Paper Route to go on, and then it's the last two games of the Elite Eight.  Peace!!

- East Side Dave