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What The Hay Happened To Twitter Last Night?! I Demand To Be Verified!

My beautiful Twitter account (@EastSideDave), was spammed to heck last night from different users telling me to get the new iPhone.  First off, I HAVE the new iPhone already!!!  So brush off!!  Secondly, I strongly doubt that if I was verified, I would have this problem.  I'm sure Gwyneth Patlrow's and Martha Stewart's embarrassingly atrocious accounts are never inundated with these type of spam-tweets.  In fact, I've seen little, local weather people on some rinky-dink TV or radio station in Des Moines verified!!  What's the deal, Twitter?!  I have 30,000 followers, co-host a morning show on a legendary rock station (WRAT, 95.9 The RAT), host the greatest sports show ever (The Davey Mac Sports Program), a critically-acclaimed movie show (The Watchers), and have appeared on TV and commercials!!  What the Sam Hill does a man have to do to get verified?!  Thus, until I do get verified, I will secretly begin constructing my own, break-through Social Media site,  The gauntlet.....has been thrown, Twitter.

- East Side Dave