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The Jinx: The Mistakes Of Robert Durst.

Seriously, if you haven't caught the brilliant HBO documentary mini-series, The Jinx: The Life And Deaths Of Robert Durst, you must go to HBO On-Demand and watch it PRONTO.  Amazing stuff.  This arrogant lunatic of an old man with black, X-Files eyes is accused of murdering THREE different people since the early '80's.....and got away with it!!  Until now.  Word on the street is that a case has been re-opened and he may get his comeuppance.  Apparently the little screw-head has been arrested and extradited to California.  By the way, I called it on the air after the first episode.  Yowza!!  Here's my short clip of me as Mr. Maniac - Robert Durst: Link to EastSideDave Instagram video.  And check out this evil, elderly freak's show ASAP!!  Also, make sure you have some potato chips while watching!!  Thank you!!

- Dave Mac