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RIP, Sam Simon.

Who doesn't love "The Simpsons"?  If you don't love "The Simpsons", you have farts for brains.  No offense, but your brain matter is made up of 100% pure farts.  And thus it is with sadness that we announce that one of the show's co-creators, Sam Simon, has died at the age of 59.  While Matt Groenig was certainly a major force behind "The Simpsons", Simon contributed iconic characters such as Mr. Burns, Chief Wiggum, and Dr. Hibbert.  I once emailed "The Simpsons" a character I created myself: Laurence the Leper, who sells his fallen-off body parts for money.  I heard no response.  I also came up with the character Murderin' Matt....who was a funny mechanic who killed people.  That was rejected as well.  Oh, and once I sent in the character Frazzly......a meth-addicted, nervous chap who robbed people to feed his addiction.  Again, I didn't hear from the show.  Anyway, RIP Sam Simon!

- Davey Mac