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No. Singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran And Davey Mac Are Not The Same Person.

For one thing, I strongly doubt that Ed has ever been kicked out of Yankee Stadium for vomiting on the Orioles fans in front of him in section 312.  I maintain that I had the flu.  Security begged to differ.  Nor does Ed look like the type of guy who bombarded a pizza delivery boy with water balloons while on mushrooms (as the Dave Man allegedly did......again, I maintain I had the flu).  Lastly, with all due respect, Davey Mac ROCKS......and Ed does not it. 

Thus, listen to REAL rock 'n' roll with Carl & Dave (and Gotts) at 6 AM (EST) on Jersey's legendary WRAT, 95.9 The Rat via the OR OR the free WRAT app!!  Have a great day!!!!