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Just Watched 'Birdman' AND 'A Most Violent Year'............SPECTACULAR!

Two separate movies.  Two sensational films.

Birdman was more fun than screwing a duck in the winter.  It was trippy, inside Hollywood/Broadway interesting, and overall as entertaining as a bag full unicorns.  It also had some of the BEST acting performances of the year.  Michael Keaton NEEDS to win the Oscar for Best Actor.  This isn't simply rewarding a guy who made the studios tons of money in the '80's and '90's.......he was brilliant.......and Edward Norton killed it, too.

A Most Violent Year has put this Oscar Isaac mother f'er as the best new actor of his generation.  Bam.  Screw you, Ryan Reynolds.  Isaac was better than the '85 Bears defense, home-slices.  Albert Brooks was fantastic, too, by the way. 

See both of these flicks NOW!

Signed- Schizophrenic and pantsless film expert, Davey Mac