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The Morning Rat Race Is Hear To Color Your Day!

Get it?  Because the the photograph in this post is all colorful-like!!  Hahahahaha!!  Oh by the way, I may or may not be on mushrooms as I write this!!  I didn't take it voluntarily.  I found them on the ground and thought they were Saltines.  What can I say...I was hungry.  By the way, do Saltines make you think that you're hands have grown to the size of Buicks and that the person sitting across from you is gradually turning into a Goblin?  Anyway, listen to the Morning Rat Race today at 6 AM (EST) with the Dave Man and Gotts (Carl has the day off) on Jersey's one-and-only, WRAT 95.9 The Rat!!  Listen online with the OR OR the free WRAT app!!  Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna try and catch these little Ewoks that have suddenly appeared and are running around in the studio.  Ewoks are unprofessional broadcasters.  Peace!!!

- Davey Mac