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Coming Soon: The Watchers - Jimmy Mac Special!

Greetings, Rebels and Imperials alike!  East Side Dave here!!  If you've regularly listened to the number-one, independent, online sports show, The Davey Mac Sports Program, or our critically-acclaimed, monthly movie show, The Watchers, you've heard the Dave Man espouse the wonderful RebelForce Radio, a podcasting network that revolves around all things Star Wars.  In particular, I especially love their excellent, flagship program, RebelForce Radio, and also their brilliant Star Wars film score show, Star Wars Oxygen: The Music Of John Williams.  Well, we are more than excited to announce that Jimmy Mac, who co-hosts BOTH shows, will be joining The Watchers next week for a HUGE Star Wars special (mixed with a little post-Oscars talk)!!  Look for this very special Watchers episode to be posted Wednesday night or Thursday morning at the latest!!  May the Force be with you, dogsies!!  - Davey Mac