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Let's Light It Up!!

The Hall-Of-Fame coach-turned Knicks President, Phil Jackson, recently tweeted out what some members of the media think is "cryptic" and "strange":

Different writers and talking heads on ESPN were baffled by this tweet.

But the Dave Man gets it.  I get you, Phil.  It's a Carpe Diem-kind of thing.  Quite frankly, I love this tweet, and am disappointed at those in the media with such limited imaginations that they failed (or pretend to fail) to understand your message...which is, simply, "Bring the thunder.  Each and every day."  The Dave Man is on it, Phil.  Don't worry.  I get you, pal.  And if you need a six-one, red-headed, shooting guard, give the Dave Man a call.  Peace.

- Davey Mac

by Dave