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The Oscars 2015 - They Got It Right (For The Most Part)!

Well, if you've listened to the Dave Man's monthly movie show, The Watchers, or read the genius-esque articles right here on ESDC, you would know that, according to me and my exquisite taste in cinema, the only two films that mattered this year were The Grand Budapest Hotel and Birdman.  And with Birdman winning the Academy Award for Best Picture (which I happened to brilliantly predict), I feel like the right movie won for a change.  I'm as thrilled as a very small child receiving a very large puppy on Christmas.  But don't get me started on this dirty Eddie Redmayne/Michael Keaton business.  I don't know who this Redmayne character is, but I'll get him for stealing Keaton's Best Actor Oscar.  You hear me, Redmayne?!  You're going DOWN, pal!!  Anyway, look at the time!!  I have to get up for work in four hours!!  Good night!!   - Davey Mac