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Great Time At The Asbury Park Beerfest Present By WRAT!

Well, BOTH of Saturday's sessions of the Asbury Park Beerfest presented by 95.9 The Rat were SOLD OUT, dogsies!!  I've heard there may be a few tickets left for head to for info on how to pick them up!!  Carl & Dave (and Gotts) represented the Morning Rat Race in style with a live broadcast (as did Jimmy Steal and Steve Hook in the evening)!!  Robyn Lane will be on tap today!!  As an aside, it was amazing to think that I was sharing the same stage where I saw Bob Dylan three years ago, and where the Rolling Stones, the Doors, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Bruce Springsteen, and Jimi Hendrix all played!!  WOW!!  Great times!!

- Davey Mac